The main character, a guardsman-turned-champion who wields a magic sword, but still wears the munitions-grade armor of his original post. Based mostly on 17th century munitions armor, though with an earlier sallet. Sketchbook Pro February 2017

This magic-using character is from a wealthy merchant family and being a polymath inspired by Da Vinci, I wanted her appear athletic, with stylish, yet travel-ready attire. Sketchbook Pro, Nov. 2018 (turnaround), Mar. 2016 (perspective).

One of two traveling companions/mentors to the main character, I wanted her to have simpler armor as a civilian. The straps over her mail armor a similar to load bearing harnesses, and attach to backpacks. Her helmet, a preowned sample, is a bit large for her, though modifications to the interior padding make it usable, if not the best. Sketchbook Pro April 2017.

A larger view of the cover image, cropped from a 8.5"x11" image. Drawn and painted in Sketchbook Pro, with the logo type done in Illustrator CC. Oct. 2017

A camping scene inspired by a shot in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop CC - July 2018

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