Stupa of Hearthstone Valley

A planet in the TRAPPIST-1 system, tidally locked to its red dwarf parent. At some point, earthly life is introduced and a Buddhist stupa is built to commemorate an early explorer. It's said the explorer meditated upon the spire, considering the never-setting sun and the ocean that disappeared into steam on the day side, influencing later writings.

Based on imagery from the ESA's Rosetta and Giotto missions, a future spaceship chases a newcomer comet from the Kuiper belt, passing above the ecliptic near the Earth and Moon.

An ice planet, home to bioluminescent microbes under its surface.

Earth with some influence from Star Wars: Rebels and Yamato 2199.

Approach to Pan Outpost

Frying Pan Shoals Nebula (inspired by photos by Marcus LaPorte)

In memory of my grandmother, who's favorite color was blue.

A Brown Dwarf and Three Companions

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